50 Shades of Pissed Off

Anyone who studies this stuff…the Illuminati, the Federal Reserve, the Freemasons, the money, the political side, the elite, Hollywood all of it–anyone who goes really deep…finds God, the Bible and Jesus Christ. It's all about Him. It's a war on HIM.

4 thoughts on “Hillary, Newtown, and the Sandy Hook Actors

  1. There’s a photo of her and Hillary Clinton together PRE-Sandy Hook. Kind of suspicious. Maybe you’ve seen it. You post interesting stuff to me. Glad I found you.


  2. Thanks Berke. Sorry I just saw your comment. Still getting used to wordpress. I think youre like one out of a total of three followers I have. Haha…So anyways your support means more than u know. 😉 Are you on Facebook?


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