Wow this one is worth the watch. Unebelievable. Typical liberal behavior. He was probably so upset about humiliating himself that he faked the “a trump supporter, racist, white nationalist, Russian spy sent me a flashing strobe light that read “you deserve an eplilipsy because we are racist haters”. What a load of BS


This Twitter video is short but has poor sound quality. The long youtube video of the confrontation is embedded at the end of this post. It reveals the whole confrontation, showing how a clever reporter tries to escape from Tucker’s jaws of death.

Tucker Carlson has become a huge hit for Fox News and a highly looked forward to show on Fox weeknights. Along with Judge Janine, Tucker nightly destroys the liberal narrative. Both Tuck and the Judge have become cultural icons over the last few months.

The Hill

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and Newsweek senior writer Kurt Eichenwald faced off in a heated on-air battle over reporting and President-elect Donald Trump late Thursday.

“In the last year, I’ve noticed – I think it’s fair to say – an increasingly partisan…

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