Fellowship of the Minds

On February 13, 2016, news came that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, 79, had died in his sleep “of natural causes” at the 5-star resort Cibolo Creek Ranch in remote West Texas.

John Poindexter (photo by Matthew Busch/Getty Images) John Poindexter (photo by Matthew Busch/Getty Images)

Scalia was part of a private group of 36 people in a long Valentine’s-Presidents’ Day weekend blue quail hunting vacation, courtesy of ranch owner John B. Poindexter, a Houston billionaire and Democrat donor.

Scalia arrived at the resort around noon on Friday, Feb. 12, and was vital and in good spirits at dinner that evening. When he didn’t appear for breakfast Saturday, resort owner John Poindexter went to his room to check on him and found him dead, “with a pillow over his head.”

After his “pillow” remark fueled speculations of foul play, Poindexter later walked back on his remark, insisting that he had meant the pillow was above Scalia’s head, not over his face.


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