Is YouTuber Dave Acton actually George Webb?  Or is he his brother? His clone? Something REALLY strange is going on guys.  I’ve always felt uneasy with youtuber Dave Acton.  He just seemed like a fed to me. I was really perplexed one time when he put out a video where he found a huge connection between David Brock and the Oakland Ghost fire that supposedly killed all those kids during a dance party. Brock actually owned that wharehouse where the fire was. It was HUGE info! Luckily I saw it right after he posted it because within 5 min he (Dave Acton) had taken it down. Like he’d been told to. That made me wonder about him. (This was back when pizza gate was hot.)

Well Dave Acton just deleted all of his videos and the hacker Defango just did a little investigative work on him. You’ve gotta see this to believe it.


Check out this obituary. Looks like they may be brothers.

And check out this crazy video!! (It won’t let me embed it.) George Webb & Dave Acton – Similarities